Worried about voids?

Fed up of Tenant Calls?

Fed up of paying Agency Fees?

Want a Long Term tenant?

Benefits of our No Void, No Fee Guarantee are:

✓ Up to a six year, ongoing lease of you property.
✓ We, or our local agent, will be your tenant and become liable for the property, payment of rent and it’s condition
✓ You will have no void period within the term of the lease – Guaranteed
✓ You will receive no Agency Fees within the term of the lease – Guaranteed
✓ You will not have the hassle of dealing with Tenants calling you
✓ You will have more time, to spend on the things you love to do
✓ Your property will be returned in it’s original condition*

The iLet4u No Void, No Fee, Guarantee is by application only.

Apply Now

Upon application, a member of the team will survey your property, it’s location and the surrounding area. After returning to the office and running an analysis, we will then contact you to let you know if your application has been successful and if so, produce our proposal.

*Accounting for general, expected wear and tear over the term.

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iLet4u strive in offering our landlords a bespoke property management solution.

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